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Branding design, Collateral and Packaging

Branding and packaging design for Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Skinlab, one of India’s leading cosmetic clinics across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune. Recognised and awarded on multiple medical and consumer platforms, Dr Pai is a world renowned cosmetic physician.


With a focus on internal products, an overhaul of the packaging line was needed for the brand. Truetype has designed the identity for SkinLab that captures their love for the skin and their clean approach towards it. A simple system combing colour and type was established to create a distinct look across the product line and quickly communicate information.

The logo marque is developed with the initials of the name forming a heart denoting their philosophy “love your skin". The logotype is customized from Rotis, a modern sans-serif font, hinting at their scientific approach towards the job.

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