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Design + Strategy

Truetype is a Mumbai-based design studio offering intelligent and innovative cross-platform solutions for communication design. Our work comprises brand identity, art direction, photography, and digital and motion design. 

What we do

We create contemporary brand identities, packaging solutions and digital experiences for a diverse range of brands, ranging from start-ups to global businesses. Our minimalistic approach allows clients to portray themselves effectively and transform their brands into entities that transcend cross-cultural boundaries. This global appeal has lead us to work with discerning clients across a wide range of sectors.

How we do it

We approach every project with passion and dedication, applying detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design process. This tailored perspective is driven by clients' aspirations and business objectives, allowing us to reduce the redundant and deliver functional, enduring and effective solutions. A combination of explorative and instinctive techniques coupled with sound strategic thinking guide our approach.

Made by


Himanshu Lakhwani

Founder & Creative Director


With a passion for details and the unusual, I love creating innovative and intuitive designs across a wide range of media. My expertise lies in curation and art direction, and I regularly initiate opportunities to collaborate with other artists on commercial and personal projects. I have previously been the Art Director of magazines like Condé Nast Traveller India, BBC Good Homes and L'Officiel India.

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Rashmi Shankar

Content Strategist


My work is driven by the belief that information empowers people. I have 5 years’ experience in content and communications across a range of objectives. I love working with people who know what they want and the questions that collaborations bring. I’ve previously worked with upGrad, Condé Nast Traveller India, the JW Marriott group and CreativeMornings London on editorial, brand, marketing and community content. Follow me on Instagram. 


Kavya Acharya

Senior Designer


I've always wanted to create something that builds a memory in our heads. I've grown up around films and music, and thrive best around creativity and humour. Illustration is one of my favourite hobbies and I aspire to become an art director someday. I also secretly wish for superpowers. I've previously worked at Condé Nast Traveller India magazine, an advertising agency called Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, and a mental health App called One More Light. I like a lot of things and don't hold myself back from exploring them all.

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DSC_0062 copy-02.jpeg

Arohi Purnaye

Content Writer


Constantly fascinated by the stories around me, I love creating new perspectives with words. I believe narratives shape the world and have the ability to create change. My experiments have taken me across various forms of writing including a self-published poetry book, a blog, 'Inked', with creative non-fiction and fiction, and content writing with Doldora Design across websites and social media.

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